12 Jun 2012

Sowing of Kharif oilseeds begins over 84,000 hectares covered so far

Preliminary reports received from fields suggest that sowing of Kharif oilseeds has commenced. Oilseeds have been sown in over 84,000 hectares so far. Groundnut has been cultivated in 24,200 hectares and Seasamum in 38,600 hectares. Karnataka has reported sowing of groundnut in 14,000 hectares and Tamil Nadu in 10,200 hectares. In Karnataka, 25,000 hectares have been reported under Seasamum cultivation.

Sowing of pulses is also in progress. Pulses have been sown in 15.11 lakh hectares so far in the current sowing season as against target of 17.49 lakh hectares. 

Sugarcane has been planted in 50.57 lakh hectares and jute in 7.98 lakh hectares so far. 

MP: SB: CP: weatherwatch (8.6.2012)

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