26 Nov 2013

Regional Film Makers Make Forays into Contemporary Themes

Sumitra Bhave
Cast and crew of Indian Panorama Films of three languages interacted with the media here today. 

Director of Marathi Film, ‘Astu’, Sumitra Bhave informed that her film is about what’s happening to and around us now. 

May be an old man who has lost his memory understands this.

 It is a story about an old man suffering from dementia is following an elephant and his daughter following her father. This is a story about a life-changing experience. 

The lead actor and co-producer of the film ‘Astu’ Dr. Mohan Agashe said that the issues in the film are very relevant.

 It’s about a family, about coping, about problems today or tomorrow, which we are likely to experience ourselves or in our near relatives. 

On one hand because of medical advances and technological revolution, we may have very long span of life, wherein degenerative diseases crop up. 

The Kannada film ‘Bharath Stores’ Director P. Sheshadri said that his film explores the socio-cultural implication of FDI in multi brand retail pushing out the small retailers. 

Lead cast of Bengali Film ‘Ajana Batas’ (Mystic Wind) Paoli Dam talked about her film in which she is playing the role of a copywriter in an advertisement firm, suffering from loneliness.

 She said, the fight of the girl against this solitude and depression has been depicted in a poetic manner as the film is based on Joy Goswami’s novel. 

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