19 Dec 2013

Incentives to Cotton Exporters

Cotton Exporters
Government reviews performance of export sectors at regular intervals and takes remedial measures for providing incentives whenever needed to boost export keeping in view the financial and overall economic implications and presently, there is no proposal to restore incentives of Focus Market Scheme on export of Cotton and Cotton Yarn. 

There is regular review on the performance of textile and clothing exports. Government is taking various steps in consultation with textiles and clothing industry to encourage exports of textiles and clothing products. 

Recently, to boost the export of textile following steps have been taken:- 

i) Market Linked Focus Product Scheme (MLFPS) has been extended till 31st March 2014 for export to USA and EU in respect of items falling in Chapter 61 and Chapter 62 (textiles and clothing). 

ii) Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Asian Group of Countries, Philippines have been added in the list of countries for export of Woven Cotton Fabrics under Market Linked Focus Product Scheme. 

iii) 27 EU countries have been added in the list for export of Gloves, Mittens and Mitts of Cotton filled with cotton fibre under MLFPS. 

iv) Gurgaon has been added as Towns of Export Excellence (TEE) for Textiles.  

v) About 15 new products related to Textile Sector have been added under Focus Product Scheme on 18.4.2013. 

vi) Incremental Export Incentive Scheme has been extended for 2013-14vis-a-vis 2012-13 for specified sector including Textile Sector. 

vii) Two per cent Interest Subvention Scheme for Ready-Made Garments has also been extended for 2013-14 and enhanced to 3%. Items of Chapter 63 also added in Interest Subvention Scheme.    

        This information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Textiles Smt. Panabaaka Lakshmi in the Rajya Sabha today.

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