3 Jan 2014

Inauguration Of Silver Refining Plant At India Government Mint, Hyderabad (A Unit Of Spmcil)

The state-of-the-art Silver Refining Plant in Hyderabad was inaugurated by Shri M.S. Rana, Chairman and Managing Director of SPMCIL, on 19.12.2013 in presence of Shri S.P. Varma, General Manager, India Government Mint, Hyderabad & Security Printing Press, Hyderabad. 

This plant has been supplied by M/s. Balestri Impianti, Italy, at a total cost of Rs.3.5 crores. It has got a melting capacity of 30 MTs of silver per annum. Its process is based on electrolytic refining for more than 70% purity input and acid process for low touch silver. 

This plant can produce the refined silver to the purity of 999.0 to 999.9. The plant consists of medium frequency converter which works on a power output of 35 KW. 

The melting furnace has got a crucible of 45 Kg of silver and the melting time is 20 to 30 minutes at a temperature of 1250°C (max). 

India Government Mint, Hyderabad, follows IS 2113:2002 (reaffirmed 2010) for Assaying Silver in Silver and Silver Alloys for assaying of silver. This plant conforms to the European Standard C€ 2006/42/EC for pollution and environmental compliance. 

This Mint being situated in the southern part of India; its silver refining facility will be catering to the much needed requirements of various temples and organizations situated in this part of the country. 

This plant has got very vast potential in the private jewellery business also because of certification of their precious metal being done by a Government organization of repute i.e. India Government Mint, Hyderabad. 

All the officers and representatives of all the unions, associations and Works Committee members were present on this occasion. 

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