20 Aug 2012

New Editions Of Page Three Newspaper

Whatever we say but the times have changed & slowly Page 3 culture have become part & parcel of our lives. Be it a school going kid, a housewife or a working person we all need that juicy gossip to add masala in our lives. We all are inquisitive to know about the lives of the public figures. Every kind of news seems to have become merely Page 3. Be it Business News, Celebrity News, Political News, Economics or any Event News, everything is loaded with class & glamour which is the reason for the start of Page 3. It is.
You can say the best way to know about what's happening in the lives of the high class people, who are loved by some, hated by some or for that matter joked upon by some. No matter what ever is the reason but people today like to know about them even if it is nothing major or important but yes, we do like to know how they saved a dog which was going to come under a car, or a politician who yet again made another public statue of themselves, everything has become a part of our talks in day to day lives.
But what exactly is this Page 3 news & how was it originated? Well the term originates from colorful daily newspaper supplements appearing usually on the third page that chronicle cocktail parties and gossip of the glitterati - the country's equivalent of tabloid journalism. Page 3 features color photo spreads of celebrities and the nouveau riche at parties. Those featured on page 3 include fashion designers, models; remix music divas, and the glamorous and rich. The flashy supplements are a mix of celebrity news, party pictures, movie gossip and stories on such subjects as the sexual habits and preferences of Indians.
Page 3 has become a phenomenon which arose from sensationalism. Today Page3 has not restricted only to the glamorous class like the films or the models, but it has also reached the lives of politicians or the business class as well. Page 3 is no longer a third page in a newspaper supplement but is now reaching people through the medium of internet, TV etc. There are several TV channels or websites  like www.page3news.in who keeps everyone updated with the latest gossip. But who's complaining? Whatever people say we all love to read & keep ourselves updated with the gossip. As they say some love it, some hate it but definitely no one can ignore it!
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